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Free bitcoins

How to get free bitcoins? It’s very easy; all that is needed is to carry out a few simple tasks. Another option is to give a spin to bitcoin roulette every hour and your win is certain. However, the first necessary step to do is to create a bitcoin wallet. The list of all available wallets can be found on the bitcoin wallets page.

You can get your first free bitcoins on the following links. You can try to experience how bitcoin works. Most websites require your email for registration. The reason behind this is simple - protection of your data so that you are safe from theft. A good thing to do is to set up an email address just for this purpose.

Every hour you can win on their web up to 0.17 BTC! The guaranteed win is 0.00000170 BTC, the payment is sent every Monday if you got more than 0.00005460 BTC on your account.


It works on a similar principle to

Here you enter your bitcoin address, visit a couple of advertiser websites and as soon as you reach 100 uBTC your reward in bitcoins will be sent to you. For example, staying on one advertiser site for 5 minutes earns you 88 uBTC. You always need to enter the code before getting to the next advertiser site to be able to be credited for visiting the site.

Satoshi are credited to you continuously, you don’t even need to have the web page open with your browser.  The rate is fastest during the first 5 minutes, after which time it slows down. The withdrawal is already possible after the first 5 minutes which approximately equals 60-70 satoshi.

On these websites you can withdraw up to 50,000 satoshi each hour.

You surely know the game 2048, where the objective is to slide and combine numbered tiles to create the number 2048. Playing this game also gives you a chance to earn satoshi. You can claim your reward when the game is finished. The number of satoshi earned depends on the number you’ve created. The bigger the number, the more reward you get. For example, the reward for the number 4096 is 65 535 satoshi. The reward is paid every weekend.

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